You know that feeling you get when your phone tells you your daily screen time average?  You know how you wish you read more? How you wish you did a better job of keeping in touch with your friends?  How you should lose a couple pounds and get back in the gym? How you really need to stop spending so much money? 

Everybody, even the most “together” people you know, sometimes feel this way.  We’re victims of our own genius, innovations and creations. iPhones, Facebook and Amazon all carry the potential to improve our lives while at the same time, have the potential to take us further away from the lives we want.  

Hit reset. 

Every so often, we need to hit the reset button.  We need to detox certain aspects of our lives; clear our heads, take better care of our bodies and get a handle on our cash flow.  

The key to living the lives we truly want is intentionality.  Becoming more intentional with who and what we spend our time and attention on.  Becoming more intentional with our diet and exercise and becoming more intentional with how we spend our money. Happy, healthy and wealthy lives are available to each of us-we just need to work at it.