Nutrition & Fitness

A healthy lifestyle and body can help us get the most out of life.  In our quest to fully align with our values and mission, it’s important to be mindful of our physical bodies.


An overview of our mission how to implement the videos and stay on track.

Fitness 101

An introduction to the FITT method, and action steps to implement a fitness program.

Injury Prevention

How to determine what a pre/post shift movement program looks like for sedentary and active staff.

Nutritional Basics

Understanding the 4 stages of meals and how to improve quality of meals 1 small step at a time.


How to determine the right amount of H20 to drink on a daily basis and the impact of caffeine and alcohol on hydronation levels.


How to start a nightly routine that will impact the quality and quantity of sleep.


This exercise highlights primary drivers of successful individuals.


Learn how to progress your physical and mental health safely and efficiently.

Drew Saenz


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