Perspective is one of the most valuable assets each of us have.  It can be hard to get and harder still to keep.  

As you enjoy the commemoration of our Declaration of Independence, I encourage you to revisit your perspective and your sense of where you are.  

I’ve been given so many opportunities- some I’ve gratefully accepted and benefited from.  Others, I’ve foolishly squandered and lost forever. You and I have the opportunity to live an incredible life and we owe a portion of that to the people who fought and died for our independence.  

So on this incredible occasion, I ask you to ponder if there are things which are holding you back from living the life you truly want to live.  Things like debt, excess “stuff,” overspending, excessive social media, gaming, drinking…the list goes on. If there are, make the decision to declare independence from them.  

Take the next six months of 2019 to begin moving away from those things and towards the life you truly want.  The Goals and Habits module in the Fundamentals section of Money Alignment Academy can guide you through that process.  You can also listen to me elaborate on these ideas on an episode of the Money Savage podcast which will be released on the 4th.