It’s YOU-YOU’RE the one 

Stop looking to or for someone else.  You’re positioned to make it happen. “It” being whatever you think needs doing or the problem you think needs solving.  

Take charge.  Take control. 

I imagine you want your loved ones to be happy and you want your community to thrive.  What would get them closer to that happiness? Education? Support? Tough love?   

Great organizations, coaches, teachers and mentors put their people in position to be successful. They give them great benefits, techniques, information and support-they give them the required skills and knowledge, then show them the door of opportunity to walk through.  

Are there people in your life who you could help get moving in the right direction and give them the support and confidence they need?  I know I can point to important moments in my life when someone put their arm around me and gave me the confidence to do things I didn’t think I could do.  

That you’re reading this suggests to me that you’re in a position to make it happen.  

What’s stopping us from getting where we want to be is the lie of fast and easy.  The path to happiness and to the lives we want never was and never will be fast and easy.  Quite the opposite.  

In fact, it will probably be slow and hard.  Embrace the grind. Start doing the things it takes to be successful and help your people to do the same.  Become the one to do it.  

Make the choice to be the leader in your life, for  your family and in your community. We need you to do it and the time is now.