Are you a creature of habit?  Someone who has routines? Someone who embraces structure and process?  Or are you not a systems person? Do you trust your gut? Do you act on feel and impulse?  

While few things are truly binary, I like the differentiation between doers and feelers. Doers are people who have processes set up for things and follow those systems.  Feelers are the opposite. Often, they reject systems and choose to act when they’re in the right mindset to do so.  

An example from my life is this:  As a doer, I wake up at the same time everyday, make breakfast for my wife and kids, exercise, complete some admin for the podcast and then shower.  We wake our kids up at the same time and put them down at the same time everyday. If I were a feeler, I’d wake up when I woke up, would exercise when I felt like it and would let my kids wake up when they woke up. 

So, what’s the point?

Other people need you and I to be consistent.  They need to know when and how we’re going to show up.  Being a doer, having systems and processes you follow all but guarantees that.  

So, which would you rather be?  

And finally, if you’re in the habit of waiting until you feel like it in order to do difficult things like budgeting, saving, buying life insurance and writing a will, there’s a good chance you’ll never do them.  

Keep feeling, but start doing.  I recorded a podcast episode about this as well.