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What Services Are You Looking For?


Don’t put your most important decisions in the hands of just anyone. Work with a Partner who has been vetted and does business the right way.

Our Academy Partners are top-tier professionals who are ready to serve you.


Get the right coverage for life, home, auto, long-term care and more.

Real Estate

Find professionals to help you buy or sell your home or get a mortgage.

Saving and Investing

Work with a Partner to reach all of your financial goals and objectives.

Debt Elimination

Get Out of Debt Once and For All.


Retirement Planning

Create your plan for financial security and indepenence.

Financial Planning

Create and maintain a comprehensive financial plan.


Work with a Partner for all your tax and accounting needs.

Estate Planning

Work with a Partner to ensure your desires are realized.


Academy Partners

Work with an Approved Academy Partner

What does it take to become an Approved Academy Partner?

Every one of our Partners has a track record of success and a demonstrated history of integrity and professionalism.

They’ve completed our Certification Process and have taken our Academy Partner Pledge.

Real People. Real World Results.

Trevor (my Academy Partner) made the process of buying my home super easy.  He helped me get my mortgage, find my house and get the deal done!


On working with an Academy Partner Real Estate Agent

We love the peace of mind we got from working with George (our Academy Partner).  He helps us get clarity around how much to be saving and what we should be invested in!

Monica and Omar

On working with an Academy Partner Financial Coach

We don’t want to be insurance experts, we just want to know we’ve got the right coverage in case we need it.  Jason (Our Academy Partner) did a great job of guiding us through the process.

Erica and Greg

On working with an Academy Partner Insurance Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Academy Partners for?

Everyone, including you!  If you’ve got a general question or are ready to get started working towards a financial priority, we’ve got an Academy Partner for you. 

Can an Academy Partner lose their status?

Yes.  We only work with the highest caliber professionals.  Should one of our Academy Partners conduct themselves in a manner not aligned with our Pledge, we revoke their status.

Who are the Academy Partners?

Our Partners are independent professionals, running their own businesses who have expressed interest in working with Money Alignment Academy and our students.  They have completed our Certification Process and taken the Academy Partners Pledge.

What is the Academy Partners Pledge?

We believe everyone can have a cohesive, functioning plan.

We believe everyone should be empowered to make financial and future decisions.

We believe everyone deserves the peace of mind from knowing their affairs are in order.

Our mission is a commitment to the following three things:

  • A collaborative approach between advisors
  • Open and ongoing communication
  • Unyielding Service to our clients and communities

How do I contact an Academy Partner?

Contact us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help.  

More About Money Alignment Academy

We’re a financial wellness provider offering on-demand personal finance courses as well as one-on-one financial coaching.

If you’re ready to take control of your finances, increase confidence and begin moving in the direction of your most important goals, you’re in the right place.