Strive Online Bootcamp

As busy people, we are constantly at war. 

The battlefield? Our daily lives. On one side of the conflict, people like you and me. On the other side, social media, online shopping, fantasy football, and all the other modern luxuries that pull us in every different direction

And what’s at stake? Our limited resources: time, attention, and money. 

During this two week online bootcamp, you’ll take control and win the battle for your limited resources. Built on a foundation of your most important goals, this course is designed to give you the tools to take control and detox your mind, body and money. 


Detox from screen time, social media, mindless web surfing, and other attention drains. Youll practice daily gratitude and affirmations while auditing your time and attention.



Detox your diet and create healthy exercise habits. You’ll exercise on a daily basis and begin eating right.


Detox your spending and consumption behaviors.  You’ll utilize the Envelope Budgeting System to gain control of your cashflow.