Can your community help you reach your financial goals? Yes, I think it can help you reach all your goals.  

What unites us as human beings?  I think it’s our impulse to find happiness.  

What makes human beings happy?  Being productive, helping our fellow humans, living through purpose or mission, being part of a tribe or community.  

The famous Harvard Grant Study followed the lives of 268 people for over 80 years and one of the key findings was this; community plays a profound role in a happy and fulfilled life.  

I’ve become fascinated with Self Determination Theory over the past year and one of it’s key tenants is relatedness, AKA community.  Relatedness is one of three keys to psychological growth and to becoming intrinsically motivated which is an absolute key to success in whatever you’re focused on.    

Knowing where you’re going (your goals), why you’re going there and how you’re going to get there is imperative.  The next piece is who will be going with you.  Whose in your tribe? 

Does this mean you have to join the Army, a political party or your local Rotary?  No.  You don’t need a big group, but you do need at least one other person.  You can have a community of two.  

So here we are, January of 2021, full of hope for the New Year.  Nearly half of Americans will make a New Year’s resolution and most will fall short.  That’s because when the going gets tough, as it almost always will, people quit.  If you desire to meet your stated resolutions or objectives, that’s where your community of two comes in.  

When you share your goals with another person, your odds of success increase by 65%.  If you establish an ongoing partnership, your chances of success increase to 95%.  I think that’s too compelling to pass up.  

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions or goals, form a community of (at least) two, and make your dreams a reality.