This course is designed to teach you the things you should have learned in school, but were never taught.  You’ll cover many subjects and concepts that will serve as the foundation for your financial future.

Lesson 1 : Goal Setting

Learn about SMART goal setting.


Lesson 2 : Cash Flow & Budgeting

Learn how to manage cash flow and maintain a personal budget.

Lesson 3 : Debt Management

Learn the steps for getting out of debt.

Lesson 4 : Taxes

Learn about our tax system and the different types of taxes.

Lesson 5 : Banking

Learn about the different kinds of banks as well as accounts. 

Lesson 6 : Interest Rates

Learn about intereste rates and their applications.

Lesson 7 : Credit

Learn about how to build and maintain good credit.

Lesson 8 : Major Purchases

Learn about the car and home buying process

Lesson 9 : Insurances

Learn about health, disability and life insurance. 

Lesson 10 : Investing

Learn about investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investment vehicles. 

Lesson 11 : Retirement

Learn about the different retirement accounts.

Lesson 12 : Estate Planning

Learn about wills and power of attorney.