This course will give you the foundation you need to move in the direction of your most important financial goals. You’ll explore your history with money, you’ll strengthen your current knowledge and you’ll set clear goals for your future

Lesson 1 : My Money DNA

This exercise explores personal history with money, using this as the base for improving current financial habits.


Lesson 2 : Impact Exercise

This exercise investigates a person’s ability to impact their community and their work environment, helping them increase engagement with the things that matter most to them.  

Lesson 3 : Goals & Habits

This exercise surveys a person’s priorities, helping clarify desired outcomes and the action steps to reach them.  

Lesson 4 : Pyramid Exercise

This exercise provides a visual representation of the various aspects of a person’s financial world.   

Lesson 5 : The Diversified Model

This exercise explains the four primary savings areas and highlights the importance of diversification in time horizon, risk, taxes and asset classes.

Lesson 6 : Today's Money

This exercise teaches how to build a personal budget based on an individual’s cash flow.  

Lesson 7 : 10 Rules for your Financial Success

This exercise highlights primary drivers of successful individuals.

Lesson 8 : Confidential Information

This exercise is completed in preparation for meeting with a financial professional.