How to Get More Clients and Feel Great About Your Work

Every financial firm wants to help their representatives become more confident prospectors, provide great service to their clients, and generate more referral business. Building a successful business requires the ability to consistently source new prospects, do a great job serving existing clients, and develop a process for getting referrals. 


Many financial services professionals experience impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs early in their careers which prevents them from doing the things it takes to become successful. To help financial professionals develop the necessary skills and proper mindset for success, I developed this highly entertaining and engaging keynote that transforms participants into highly confident and competent professionals. 


“George was very knowledgeable as well as relatable. He provided a lot of specific advice and broke it down into small, achievable steps. If you are looking for a financial speaker to educate your audience in an engaging manner, I would highly recommend George.” 


Heather H. VP of People and Culture at Life360