Our family was on our way to a hike some Saturdays ago listening to Brian Koppelman’s The Moment podcast where his guest, Julia Cameron, was talking about her book, “The Artist’s Way.” This was my introduction to Julia and her work.  

What first struck me was how much Brian was gushing over her and how wonderful her book was. Brian shared how many times he gifted the book to friends and family and recommended it because of how many lives it’s changed.  As someone who fancies himself creative, I ordered a copy when we got home.  

I can happily report I share Brian’s sentiment.  This is a wonderful book.  It’s wonderful not only for people wanting to create more, or to be more creative, but for anyone interested in learning about themselves and improving their lives.  Check it out. 

The book is structured as a course with exercises to be completed on a weekly basis.  One of the exercises deals with core beliefs and she uses money as the example. This is what I want to focus on.  

  • People with money are __________
  • Money makes people __________
  • I’d have more money if __________
  • My parents thought money would __________
  • In my family, money caused __________
  • Money equals __________
  • If I had money, I’d __________
  • If I could afford it, I’d __________
  • Money is __________
  • Money causes __________
  • Having money is not __________
  • In order to have more money, I’d need to __________
  • When I have money, I usually __________
  • I think money __________
  • People think money __________

We all have an operating system that’s constantly running.  Our core beliefs inform our decision making whether we’re conscious of them or not.  Recognizing what triggers emotions, which lead to behaviors, can be of immense value.  Too often, our core beliefs are negative and can be limiting. When you went through and filled in the blanks, what surprised you?  

Dig in.  How are these beliefs impacting you and your life?  What impact could changing them have?  

For me, journaling has proven to be extremely effective at identifying my core beliefs, including the emotions that come from my beliefs and the behaviors that result.  I noticed that I had limiting beliefs about money, even though I spend the majority of my time thinking about it.

What would a shift from negative to positive mean for you and your future?  Put pen to paper and find out!   

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